Disk Drive Actuator Assembly & Test

Machine Specifications:

i) Motor driven turret based indexing mechanism
ii) Self-aligned 8 precision cavities for DUT
iii) Customized process stations with servo motor driven precision mechanisms
iv) 2D/3D Vision inspections station
v) Index & Align UPH (ready for process functions): 600
vi) MTBF: 168 Hours
vii) Options: Auto load & unload of DUT
viii) Systems control: PC-based with interactive HMI

  • High Precision Assembly Processes (8 – 12 valueadd stations)
  • Fully Automated to reduce labor dependency & handling.
  • High output per cell, up to 5x faster!
  • Simple setup, flexible and applied commonly in mass volume high precision mechanical assemblies sectors - HDD, Computers, Smart Phones, Hand held devices & etc.

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